(Happy New Year) An Impromptu Affair

Manipulate my tongue
through delirious whisper.
Language laced with deceit.
The ceaseless dance of an aimless wraith.
bewitched by moon-like ambivalence
and the foolish tendencies of youth.
Your eyes:
a spineless shade of blue.
Midnight grins
and such lovely scars
temporarily caressed.
A fleeting moment of beauty.
The more you speak,
The more I cringe,
you substanceless machine.
Merciless judgments
seeping through my pores.
Can you even tell?
You will never understand,
you being of repulsive clarity.
How can I get you to leave?
I’d rather drown in isolated fantasies
than be lying naked with you.
I hope you choke on your spit
you snake-like demon.
You reside in a waterless lake.
They say
Hell is an empty room.