Author’s note: My love life is like a roller coaster.

I’m not sure if you know
That you ate my heart,
That time you invited me into your home.

Mahogany iris aglow,
Practicing a black art,
Depressing cuts into my styrofoam

Skin, impressionable,
Unwavering attention
To the fragments on my tongue.

This union irrevocable,
Eclipsing inner dimensions
Of reason. Panicked notes unsung.

And these notes
Lie now at
The end of my carnal bed.

A passionate cutthroat
Who spat
Saccharine lyrics at me instead

Of words cruel
And unkind,
How I wish you voiced the cruel words.

I, the April fool,
Am now inclined
To cry the mornings like a songbird.

Twisted howls,
Your reply
Of consolation, a pat on the back.

Untruths of your jowl
Masked in sighs
Now pierce me with a smack.

I make these
Mistakes of
Producing a vaudeville of my heart

For all to see.
Transparent gloves
Worn to keep you far apart

From me.
Your gloves thicker
I can’t see your hands

Crusted with algae
And hard liquor
I will sift you from the sand.

Goodbye wicked
Thing of beauty
Your teeth so rotten from all the sugar

Sour, crooked,
You never knew me,
Sincerely, your forgetful stomach ulcer.

I will however,
Remember your
Acne scars and pupils so deep

Never to sever,
Your openings sore,
Confessions from a black sheep.

Strange hourglass
Pattern of hair,
Gracing your body when you lie on your back.

You are Venus
Look there!
I am Pluto, cultivating your dental plaque.

I want you
All of you
All that you are, the karmic stars tell of me.

I want your truth,
I will not stop until you’re on your knees.



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