The Hanged Man

Use a felt tip pen, she says.
It must be black. Start outlining a
Dark circle.
This will be his head.

Blur the lines around his mouth.
Pencil in the ears,
Erase them in an hour.
Make sure to shade the haughty eyes

Blue (Aryan approved).
Make him like Saint Peter, she says.
Crucify him upside down,
His world now inverted.

A family of stick-figured females
Stand behind and watch.
Charcoal shadows
Define the gallows.

Illustrate the secretive face,
Fingernails freshly clipped, and whitening
Eyebrows. Beer belly, large and wide
Yet thin-limbed and well lotioned.

Stencil in catatonic wrinkles
(After they cut out his lying tongue)
For he knows not what he has done.
Man never seems to know what it is that he has done

To deserve such punishment.
Darling, you have always
Been so tired.
Now it’s time to get some rest.



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